Carlin Nicholson started the studio in the early 2000's as the first in a long line of friends to be live in caretaker. He built up the (then garage) with the help of childhood bud and former bandmate, Leon Patterson (also credited with bestowing the name 'Illeagle' to the space). The two, along with Carlin's brother Liam, were The 6ixty 8ights and Illeagle's first recordings were of this band. Circa 2008, the first recordings by Carlin and Mike O'Brien of what was to become 'Zeus', were born. The Zeus catalogue is now 3+ albums deep - all recorded at the space along with band members Neil Quin, Mike O'Brien, Rob Drake, and Jason Haberman.

F O R C E S is the the new project from Golden Dogs co-founders Jess Grassia and Dave. Azzolini. The "Illeagle Presents..." series is lovingly curated by them. First release in the works. More to come ...

Introduced to Illeagle as long-time drummer of The Golden Dogs, his roots in the space run deep.  In addition to drumming on record for a multitude of Illeagle bands,  Taylor recorded his self-titled solo album at Illeagle in 2014. He is also a skilled producer/engineer and has worked with a slew of bands at Illeagle including Wax Atlantic, Jane's Party, and Luke Bill. His newest album 'LOVE' is out now! Click on the 'listen' link to hear/get it ...

One of the best albums coming out of Toronto in 2014 was this album by Wax Atlantic. The creation of Dave Dalrymple with help from Taylor Knox on production. Recorded and mixed as well as having many guest performances from many in the Illeagle circle.

Afie recorded a couple of tracks from his debut Bahamas album "Pink Strat" at Illeagle, but his connection runs waaay back to when he, Mike O’Brien and Carlin Nicholson started bands in high school up in the Barrie area. Also, as Paso Mino with Mike and Robbie Drake (Zeus), they recorded the now legendary, unreleased demos for that band's second album. "Learning How To Breathe" is just a one of these unreleased classics. Listen to this snippet to hear Illeagle in it's early days ...

Jason recorded much of his 2010 "Rat A Tat Tat" at Illeagle with the production team of Nicholson & O'Brien.  The whole Zeus crew backed him up on record and on the road during this time. Many of the artists on this page have participated in Jason's celebrated annual Basement Revue series. Jason, backed by Zeus and Bahamas, headlined the Vol. 3 show.


This band started with a collaboration between Zeus members' Mike O'Brien and Jason Haberman. Synthed out and warbly in all the right ways. They had their first show ever at the Vol. 2 show. This crew is an experimental bunch - stay tuned for some tripped out stage performances!

2011 saw the release of an Illeagle classic album 'Of The Valley' by this uber talented singer/songwriter with angel pipes of platinum. The sound of this record is again attributed production team of Nicholson/O'Brien with performances cameos from other Illeagle peeps . A great example of that classic Illeagle sound.


Lowell, a dynamic and talented young force of nature, regularly records and writes in the space for her solo project. As well, she rehearses with her new band Les Nananas who not so coincidentally shares a drummer, Maurie Kaufmann, with FORCES. They played the Vol. 2 night. Have a listen below to get an idea of her incredible voice and the Les Nananas’ sound.

Siblings Jay and Stef McCarrol have both been a part of the Illeagle circle for many years now. Having both been members of the Golden Dogs at different times, they've used the Illeagle space to demo and rehearse for their respective projects.


Amos Clark, has helped build Illeagle from the start (figuratively and literally). A former opera singer with a deep love for old school rap and smooth RnB,  is now rehearsing and recording his debut album with the help of the Illeagle crew.  Brother Amos played the Vol. 2 show and brought da house down.

Carlin  (Zeus) and his parter Krista Nicholson's new project is a heartreakingly sweet collaboration chock full of Everly Brothers' style two part harmonies and old-school country vibes. New album in the works!  FrameUs played the Vol. 2 show and debuted some new material - album #1 is in the works.


Pam Springs (aka Stef from Brave Shores) has been using the space to develop material for her first solo album due in 2018. It was recorded in Montreal at Treatment Room with Dave & Jess from The Golden Dogs as her backing band. 

Long time members of the studio, The Golden Dogs' third album, Coat Of Arms and their last album, 3 1/2, was fully recorded at the space. They recorded demos for their 2nd album "Big Eye Little Eye" here as well. Since Dave and Jess have lived above the studio for years, they've been around for all the action listed on this page!

Alli is a talented  singer, songwriter and piano player that has been a big presence on the Toronto music scene since she arrived here from BC a few years back. She is also a member of FORCES.

Carleigh is one of the true MVP's in the Illeagle arsenal; she's lent her pipes of gold to many Illeagle recordings. She has also toured extensively with bands including Bahamas and Dwayne Gretzsky. Currently, she's one of the driving forces of Colorado's Paper Bird and she's working on a solo project.  


One of the oldest ties to Illeagle via Graydon being the original drummer for Carlin's band The 6ixty 8ights, this band came to the studio to record their latest 2015 full length release Made Us Strangers. The tracks showcase the expanding horizons of Illeagle's sonic capabilities with Carlin at the production helm. 

Stella Ella Ola, comprised of uber-talented and multi-faceted Toronto artists, played the first "Illeagle Presents..." show. They've been good friends of Illeagle for a while now. A very welcome addition.


The critically acclaimed album Wren by Luke Bill was released in 2015. The sessions called upon the talents of fellow Toronto bands like Sam Cash and the Romantic Dogs, Beams, and the great Neil Quin from Zeus. The album was recorded and mixed at Illeagle by Taylor Knox.

A talented and fun crew, the Toronto band's 2013 record Hot Noise (power poppy with Beach Boys-y harmonies) was recorded at Illeagle and produced and recorded by Taylor Knox. 


One of Illeagle Studio’s early settlers, Liam's old band the 6ixty8ight's created and recorded countless cuts here and helped lay the framework for the creative hub the studio would become. After a child frenzied stay-at-home dad stretch Liam is back to recording his own stuff with a record coming out in 2018.