Illeagle Presents: Volume 10 - Sloan Tribute

I know, I know ... "epic" is an overused word, but it's hard not to use it to describe this tribute. We took on the catalogue of one of the country’s greatest bands … SLOOOOOOO-OOAN! We performed two full sets of our fav hits from their 12+ albums. To whittle our set lists down to 28 songs was no easy feat. Sloan has been a huge influence and friend to our community of artists and honouring them in this way was a real treat for us. Here are just some of the bands and artists who took part: Zeus | F O R C E S | Taylor Knox | Weak Hands | Fast Romantics | The Meligrove Band | Danielle Duval | The Golden Dogs | The Fern Tips | Alli Sunshine | Wax Atlantic | Ocean Potion | Robin Hatch | Sidehustle | Brother Amos Band | TV Sets.

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